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What is Trichology?

Trichology is the scientific study of the health of the hair and scalp 
(often referred to as a branch of dermatology). It includes differential diagnoses of 
scalp and hair conditions (clinical trichology).

At Trichology Europe, we adopt a holistic approach toward the diagnosis and treatment options we offer. We aim to provide an accurate diagnosis and guide you 
through the best available treatment options for you. 

We believe in educating you about your condition(s) so you can become 
the best advocate for your health and hair. 

trichology europe

Holistic View

Everything is connected.

Understanding the relationship between your general health, medications, blood values, diet, and lifestyle is essential in helping us to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and make the best recommendations for your hair or scalp conditions.  


As holistic practitioners, we place emphasis on the foods we consume and the essential role they play in the (mal)functioning of our bodily systems. Nutritional insufficiencies and deficiencies can affect hair health, and so can over-supplementation.


We place special emphasis on any medications you may be taking and medications you have taken in the past. Some medications and supplements are associated with hair loss or skin irritation, and some may be contraindications for the treatment options

we recommend or vice versa.

Blood Work

The scalp and hair belong to the integumentary system and are directly supplied with nutrients and other blood components by the circulatory system. Abnormalities in your blood values can affect hair and scalp health. We often recommend specific blood tests (to be done by your GP or in a private lab) so we can rule out some causative and contributing factors.  

What is Trichology? A: Welcome
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