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Frequetly Asked Questions

  • Can you help with my hair thinning?

  • Yes absolutely. This is a very common problem that often can be treated or cured.

  • Can you help with hair loss?

  • Yes. But there are many reasons for hair loss.  A few are not curable (although treatable) but most are. 

  • My scalp is itchy all the time, but I wash it regularly. Can you help me?

  • Yes. We will find out why you got the itch and what will be the best remedy for you.

  • Since I had my baby, my hair has been falling out like crazy. Can you help?

  • Yes. Hair loss after pregnancy is very common and often curable. 

  • I have bald patches that just seem to appear from nowhere on my scalp. Do you know what that is?

  • Yes. Baldness in patches is very common among both men and women. It can often be fully treated. 

  • My hair is breaking a lot. I don’t know what to do. Can you help?

  • Yes. We will find the right strengthening hair regimen for your everyday hair care routine. 

  • We have an adopted daughter with gorgeous coily hair, but we find it challenging to take care of it without her crying, we are not sure what products to use or how to style her hair. Can you help us?

  • Yes. We specialise in black hair care and will gladly help you to to learn how to take care of your daughter's hair. 

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