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Bare Neck


Trichologists are not medical doctors, although a medical doctor can also specialise in trichology. We give you advice based on our best assessment of your hair and/or scalp condition(s). Recommendations for treatments, products, and hair regimen changes are not failproof.
Everybody is unique, and your hair and/or scalp may respond differently due to different internal biochemistry and/or previous and current medical status. It’s very important that you disclose to us any medical conditions you have had treatments for or are currently being treated for.
Always check product ingredients for any allergies/intolerances you may have. We will not be held responsible if you incur any damage that may have been avoided had you disclosed all relevant information pertaining to your health, hair, and/or scalp.
Please contact us for more information on our services.

Minors must always be accompanied by their legal guardians for consultations.

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