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Curls & Coils Consultation

Get To Know Your Beautiful Hair!

Throughout history, eurocentric beauty standards have been the norm, including straight hairstyles. But times are changing and many curly men and women are learning to love and appreciate their hair. This involves leaving toxic chemical relaxers and perms behind, in favour of healthier natural hair care and hairstyles.

It can be a daunting journey to embark on on your own. At Trichology Europe, we offer cosmetic curls consultations to help you take care of your hair in the healthiest way possible, using science, experience, and knowledge of cosmetic hair products. 

Let's make it fun instead of tough.

A cosmetic consultation will include two main parts:

Part 1

A trichoscopy analysis to assess the state of your scalp and hair. This helps us to rule out any medical hair/scalp conditions that may be affecting your hair growth and health.

We will also conduct a manual analysis of the hair, to assess texture, density, porosity, and curl type.

Part 2

The second part of the consultation will include discussing your hair expectations and goals, current hair care regimen, and products.

We will then work on designing an Easy Hair Care Routine for you including recommendations for hair products and in some cases lifestyle changes. 

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