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"Learned So Much"

“It is an absolute pleasure to be Jacky’s customer. She is a detailed professional – a scientist and teacher who is truly passionate about Afro hair growth and Afro hair health.

Jacky gave me so much valuable information on my exact hair type including how to take care of my hair and scalp for maximum hair growth, nutritional and dietary needs, how to prevent hair loss and excessive shedding and she also gave me great product recommendations. I have learned so much from her and now my hair is thicker, longer and stronger!

You are guaranteed to learn so much about scalp and follicle health that your hair will thank you for it.

PS, not all hair types are the same! I used to watch tons of YouTube videos to figure out how to care for my hair and I was misled by lots of false information. Jacky gave me valuable information that was catered specifically to my hair and it made all the difference!” - Sanyu N

“Everything Was Just Right” 

"I have been suffering from hair loss and thinning for years. Over the years I tried all kinds of "miracle" oils, but nothing seemed to improve. I also often skipped (steam) treatments because I no longer had any hope and did not always wash my hair extensively.My sister once told me that she and a friend had been to a Blackhair information day where you could have your hair analyzed and get advice about the right products for your hair type. This sounded very interesting to me then. A while later a friend told me that there is a Trichologist at the hair salon where she goes every month. Since she knows my "her" problems and I didn't know what to do, I wanted to try it, but then through a professional person. And that's how I ended up with Jacky!

Initially a very friendly lady whose aura is so good and soothing. I immediately felt seriously taken and understood, and Jacky immediately gave me the impression that she wanted to help me find out what caused my hair loss.

No sooner said than done, she immediately started all kinds of investigations. I could find myself in all the complaints she mentioned from a disorder, everything was just right. After each visit she made an extensive report with the treatment, the further plan and advice (+ photos of the process) all super carefully and clearly worked out. She explained to me which treatments she thought would be best for me to help solve my problem. She also indicated in advance that she could not guarantee that a treatment would be 100% successful because this depends on how (quickly) the body processes it.

I found this super sincere and transparent from Jacky.

Jacky has so much passion for her work!

I have had many treatments and received advice that I have followed (such as, for example, taking blood samples from the doctor and purchasing certain hair products / vitamins.

The treatments have started slowly but surely and this gave me more and more hope to continue. I have not (fully) achieved my goal yet, unfortunately. But at least Jacky helped me find out why my hair fell out so that I no longer have to spend money on oils / hairdressing treatments that would not work anyway.

Because I now know that the problem does not come from outside but there was a "systematic" error.

I am very happy that I met Jacky. I have learned a lot from her, and would recommend her to anyone with similar problems!" - Marbella R.

“In Good Hands” 

"A year ago, I came to Jacky on the advice of my niece. My hair fell out enormously, leaving me with bald spots. Possibly a combination of stress and transition. I had never heard of a trichologist. After my first consultation with Jacky I knew that I was in good hands and exactly followed the steps she prescribed for me. The first hairs arrived within 3 months. A year later I have a full head of hair again." - Diane S

"Intelligent and Unique"

"I can confidently say in my professional and personal experience that Jacky is not just an ordinary Trichologist but an intelligent and unique person full of knowledge, passion, integrity and compassion in all her endeavours. With her professional and personal background, wisdom and talent, she can excel in any profession, however I believe she has chosen Trichology because of her desire to help and support clients through a holistic approach. She does this with excellence and a pleasant customer service. Jacky is consistent in her work, and an inspiration to me and undoubtedly our fellow Trichology colleagues." - Malinda B Certified Trichologist, Milton Keynes, UK

"Knowledgeable and Is at the Top of Her Field"

"Jacky is and has been an absolute joy to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable and is at the top of her field. From time to time I have referred my customers to her due to her high level of expertise. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my customers hair and scalp. She is one of the best Trichologists that I have had the pleasure of working with." - Carriene Rendbo, Denmark -

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