Expert Blood Analysis 

At Trichology Europe, we will often recommend you request certain blood tests from your GP or a private laboratory, so we can identify or eliminate some of the factors which may be contributing to your scalp and/or hair problems.Understanding the relationship between your general health, blood, diet, medications and your scalp is a necessity in the diagnosis and treatment of Hair & Scalp conditions.

Why Us?

We are qualified in the reading and analysis of blood tests results, and we have a valuable network of medical professionals we consult for second and even third opinions.

We place an emphasis on what a holistic practice trichology is because the foods we consume play an essential role in the (mal)functioning of our bodily systems. The scalp and hair belong to the integumentary system and are directly supplied with nutrients and other blood components by the cardiovascular system

We also place a special emphasis on any medications you may be taking for a current medical condition (or even medications you have taken in the past, if relevant), so we can assess their effects on the health of your scalp and hair. Some medications can also present contraindications for some of the treatment options for your scalp or hair concerns. It’s therefore of primordial importance that we thoroughly investigate these.

At Trichology Europe, we explore every aspect of your health which may be affecting the health of your scalp and hair as we strive to give you a reliable diagnosis and provide the best treatment options for your condition.

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